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Aspiring Model / Actress - FAQ


New models choose Maxxx Models to help them with their careers in adult film and erotic modelling for a number of reasons. First of all, because they know that they can trust us. Also, because we have legitimate connections within the adult entertainment industry. Furthermore, they choose us because of our personalized approach and expertise. We are dedicated to what we do, and we invest a large amount of time with each of our models on an individual basis. We don't win if you lose, so you can count on us to be working with your best intentions in mind.


If you cannot find an answer you seek in the FAQ below, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.


Do You Only Represent
"Beauty Queens?"


This is a VERY superficial industry, but every industry works on supply and demand. When it comes to sexuality, people have varying tastes and fetishes. So although we do try to represent UNIVERSALLY attractive people, there are definitely opportunities for everyone. We encourage everyone to apply, and let us worry about the rest.


There’s far more to being a model than just the physical.

Do you have the "it factor” ? 

The type of personality that captures your viewers?

Do you have that scorching hot sex appeal, or perhaps an innocence of that girl next door with a kinky side? An original idea or unique talent? If you think you do, and if you have the ambition, desire, determination and the work ethic to make things happen, we encourage you to apply today!


Are There Any Agency Fees?


Yes. Our models only pay us commissions on the income we help them generate. We do not charge any hourly / monthly fees. Our models pay us 15% of their income for ALL of our services.

This includes procuring employment, negotiating your contracts, helping you plan your career, graphic design services for your logo and website. PROMOTION & EXPOSURE, Not to mention countless other little tidbits of advice and management we provide. Webcam fees and website fees are variable depending on the amount of income generated.


Are Your Contracts Exclusive?

We prefer to work with models on an exclusive basis but we are open to non-exclusive arrangements for certain models. We are in fact the ONLY legitimate adult talent agency in Canada, therefor exclusivity is not necessarily a choice. That being said, we have no problem working with any assistants or advisers you may already be dealing with but we do expect our models to be transparent in their dealings if they are actively pursuing contracts with producers we may already be in contact with.


Example : If you contact producer X and offer him your services for 100$ an hour, he will definitely not accept our offer at 125$ an hour... and of course, this affects our overall professional image.


Is Pornography The Only Kind Of Work I Will Be Offered?


All models set their own limits. If you do not wish to perform any explicit sexual acts, you will not be required to do so. You choose what work you want to do and we have an extensive list of availabilities you will need to select when submitting your application. Therefor, you will not be offered any work with which you are not comfortable with. We will never offer producers services you are not comfortable with, nor will we contact you for modeling work that you have not agreed to do. You may contact us to update your portfolio to include or exclude any types of modeling work at any time.


Please note that our specialty is definitely the adult entertainment, adult film and erotic photography industries. We do occasionally get offers for other types of work but we are not a mainstream agency or a placement agency for feature dancers (strippers).


What Will You Do For Me?


As a "full service" MOTHER agency we provide our models with complete representation. We act as your agent (procure employment and negotiate contracts), we act as your manager (help guide your career and promote your brand) and we also provide limited PR (publicity) services for our models both to the public and to industry insiders.


Furthermore, we also provide graphic design and website management / development services for all of our exclusive models.


If you need anything else not mentioned, we will definitely do everything within reason to help you in that regard as well. (transportation, accommodations, wardrobe, stylists, etc.)


Do You Screen The Producers / Actors I Will Be Working With?

Yes! We ONLY work with professionals. Everyone you work with adheres to contracts and the best practices of the industry. Our extensive services and professionalism allow our models to be confident knowing that they are working in a safe environment with professionals. Our agency also has a good reputation for ethical business practices, both with models and producers. We conduct our business in a legal and aboveboard manner; all of our records and references are available for inspection upon request.

My Responsibilities As A Model?

You are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times during working hours. What you do on your own time is your own business, but please be aware that excessive alcoholism, drug abuse, repeated lateness or no-shows and disrespectful behavior towards clients will not be tolerated.






What About Health And Safety?

All models who perform in sexually explicit acts with other models will be required to get tested for STD's every 21 days maximum (14 days preferred) WITHOUT EXCEPTION! We cannot under any circumstance allow models to engage intimately with other models without knowing that everyone involved is clear and clean. Your health and well being are important to us, as we're sure it is to you.


We also thoroughly scrutinize producers you will be working with beforehand. We will NEVER send you to assignments where your safety may be at risk in any way. If needed, a chaperone might be available to accompany you or at the very least be within close proximity.


Do I Need A Passport?


MOST of our models are also available outside of Canada, so it is not technically a 'requirement' but you will definitely limit your opportunities if you do not have a valid passport. The industry is relatively small in Canada, so if you wish to maximize your potential earnings, travelling will be required. The top producers book their actors and crew weeks in advance and follow production schedules that are created months in advance as well. Your availability will directly impact the amount of offers you get.


What About Accommodations And Expenses?

Although each studio has their own policies and procedures, you should rarely be required to pay for your own hotel, meals, or transportation expenses. These arrangements are made for you in advance by our agency and are generally paid for by the hiring studios / producers. Maxxx Models will always negotiate those conditions on your behalf.


What If There Are Complications?

If any problems should arise you are obligated to notify the agency immediately. We will do our very best to sort out the issue without jeopardizing your contract. In the event of an unsolvable issue stemming between the model and contracted producer, the agency will not be held responsible and model will be paid for any services rendered at the agreed rates.


If at any moment you feel that you're being asked to perform acts outside of your comfort zone, please contact the agency immediately. do not confront the producer directly.


Identification And Release Forms?

Producers are held responsible for collecting all ID's, 2257 forms and model-release documents required by law for their productions. As a model you are responsible for providing valid government issued ID proving you are of legal age, and are required to sign all documents including model release forms, 2257 forms and any other forms required by law. Failure to do so will forfeit your contract. Make sure your ID is not expired and that you have it with you at all times when you're on assignments.


Make Up, Preparation And Set-Up Time?

ALL makeup and hair styling, wardrobe, set preparations, etc. will be considered as part of shooting time and will be included in the agreed booking rates whether it is provided by professionals or done by the models themselves. You will sometimes be expected to do your own hair and makeup. It is also generally a good idea to have your nails done, your teeth clean and bring an assortment of clothing for each shoot.


Why Should I Choose Maxxx Models?

Maxxx Models has a constantly growing network of industry contacts that allows us to offer our models great exposure with top professional studios. We take care of all bookings, negotiations and other tasks, saving considerable amounts of time and effort that independent models might otherwise waste while looking for and negotiating work. Maxxx Models will act as your agent, your manager and help you with your publicity both with the public and with industry insiders.


What About Male Models?

the industry is very different for men. Especially heterosexual men. Male models rarely get travel and accommodations paid for, and the amount of assignments you can expect are much lower than females. The industry is much harder for males to break into and the requirements are much more demanding. You will be expected to maintain an erection for hours on end, and to perform under stressful conditions which unfortunately most male models are simply not suited to. If you are a male who wishes to join the industry, you need to know that you will not simply "be having sex with gorgeous women" - sorry to break it to you boys, this industry is much tougher than you probably expect.


How Does The Recruiting Process Work?



The application process requires you to fill out a questionnaire detailing what you are comfortable doing as a model. We will then contact you to discuss the rates and availability that are convenient for you.


We will also require 6-9 fully nude professional pictures. We will use these pictures and questionnaire to build your portfolio on our website. We will then advise producers and studios about you so they can review your portfolio and hopefully request your services for one or more shoots.


We will also help you get enrolled into our webcam studio, get a personal website going and provide you with a logo at no extra charge.


Once you've started we will review your entire brand and sit down with you to discuss a long term strategy and career path.


If you just wish to make some quick cash or you wish to become a world famous porn star, we will assist you in achieving your goals.


Do You Guarantee Work?

No. Your portfolio will be added to OUR ROSTER of talented models. The list is very frequently reviewed by studios around the world. However, you may not hear anything right away, or even for a few months, but this does not mean that you won't be contacted a few months down the road. You should not be expecting to land several high paying gigs within a few days of signing up.


Realistically speaking, the first 2-4 months can very slow for some models, others will be in high demand immediately, it's a very uncertain industry. Rest assured that we will do everything within our means to procure employment on your behalf and you will get a phone call from us, when offers come in.

SUBJECT TO CONTRACT: Unless our standard booking agreement, producer deposit or other agreed contract has been signed and/or delivered, no agreement has been concluded.

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