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Terms and conditions - FAQ


Our agency offers a wide range of services for your production needs. Models, MUA's, Locations, Studios, Photographers and more. Below is a guide regarding our policies and procedures. If you have any questions not mentioned here, please use our contact form.




New producers will be required to pay a 20% down payment maximum 10 days before any scheduled productions. This requirement will be waived after your 5th booking with us.

Cash, Payoneer, credit card or e-transfer are all acceptable forms of payment. 


Agency Fees


The models price doesn’t include the 10% commission nor the Canadian federal and provincial taxes. (GST + PST = 15%) If a booking should amount to less than 500$, the agency will charge a minimum of 50$.




Payment is due upon completion of the shooting, at the end of each work day. A multiple day shoot will require payment on each day. The same applies to agency commissions.

We accept cash, credit cards, e-transfer and Payoneer.


Models Fees

All models set their own rates. All models reserve the right to change their rates with reasonable notice. We prefer that all payments be made to the agency, and the agency will pay models directly. In the event that you are paying the model in cash, you will be required to have the model sign a proof of payment slip. (provided by us)


Producer Cancellations


All producers  who wish to cancel any bookings may do so 10 days before the shooting date without any penalties or fees. Cancellations not respecting our cancellation deadlines will require the producer to pay 50% commissions to the agency. If the cancellation happens 1-3 days before the shooting, the producer is required to pay to the agency the full commission. All other services including but not limited to make-up, hair, wardrobe, location or studio, photographers and all other 3rd party rentals or services are non-refundable, no exceptions.


Services and Rentals.

ALL services and rental fees have to be paid in full, 10 days in advance. (15 days if outside of Montreal / Toronto) This does not include the models fees or agency commissions. All service and rental fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable in case of cancellations.


Rental Responsibilities

Producer is entirely responsible for all damages which might occur. Any property or equipment which is rented by our agency for a clients productions, which is returned in a damaged or dysfunctional state will be charged directly to the producer.



Model Cancellations

The agency will not be held responsible in case the model doesn’t show for any legitimate reason. (Legitimate reasons include but are not limited to: health issues / sickness, natural disasters, travel delays, family emergencies, acts of God) We will however do our very best to suggest a substitute model available to satisfy your booking within all reasonable means and capacities.


International Bookings


MOST of our models are also available outside the country of Canada, if we receive exact information about transportation, hotel and all booking details 15 days before the booking date. All bookings outside of Canada will require a 25% deposit on the total booking fee. This deposit is subject to the same cancellation policies stated above (#5).


Producer Responsibilities

The producer is responsible for the models security, well being and work related accommodations. As well as providing reasonably acceptable working conditions.  In all international bookings, the producer is also held responsible for providing our models with all necessary legal paperwork and legal counselling according to the local laws and regulations. all producers are required to sign a producer agreement before booking any models. contact us to register.



If any problems should arise during your production, the producer is obligated to notify the agency immediately. We will do our very best to sort out the issue without jeopardizing your production efforts. In the event of an unsolvable issue stemming between the model and contracted producer, the agency will not be held responsible and model will be paid for any and all services rendered at the agreed rates.


Model Identification and Legal Forms

Producers are held responsible for all IDs, 2257 forms or model-release documents required by law for your productions. Producer is held responsible for all paperwork required by the model, no later than the last day of the production. If any paperwork is missing or was not filled out properly, the agency will do it's best to accommodate the producers needs but, we cannot guarantee our ability to satisfy your needs if reported more than 12 hours after the end of your booking.


Preparation and Set-Up

ALL makeup and hair-styling, wardrobe, set preparations, etc. will be considered as part of shooting time and will be included in the agreed booking rates whether it is provided by professionals or done by the models themselves.


Health and Safety

Our agency takes a very firm stance towards model STD testing. We are proud to be part of the TTS system and we strongly recommend that all our clients are also registered with TTS as producers. All our models are required, without exception, to get tested for STD's every 21 days maximum. Despite our rigorous and unwavering approach to testing, we cannot be held responsible for any problems which might be directly linked to our models. In such rare occurrences, we will stand beside our models and producers in solidarity to rectify and resolve the issue.


Model Restrictions

Models are listed as available to provide a list of services for your productions, however each model reserves the right to respectfully decline any and all offers for performance of said services for any reason. All production agreements cannot be subject to any form of restrictions or exclusivity which prevents the model to work for competing producers. In the event that your company wishes to negotiate such an agreement, please respect our booking policies and provide us with reasonable time to review and negotiate said offer.


Fees, Invoicing and Billing

Our agency offers two methods of billing / invoicing. Depending on the project, we can offer a 'per hour' billing service (usually reserved for photography and stills) or a 'per scene' invoicing solution (preferred by most XXX video producers). In both cases, the model will be booked for a specific amount of time, as well as contracted to perform specific services for your production.


Example of hourly billing : Model is contracted for a 3 hour solo nude photography session at a rate of 100$ an hour. The producer will be billed 300$ plus the additional agency commission fee of 50$. Payable upon completion of booking, directly to the agency. In cash, e-transfer, credit card or payoneer. Receipts will be provided.


If the session lasts an extra 30 minutes, the producer will be billed pro rata.


Example of 'per scene' billing : Model is contracted for a 5 hour video shoot and is expected to perform specific acts. The agreed rate is 700$ for the entire shoot. The producer will be billed 700$ plus a 10% agency commission fee of 70$ for a total of 770$. Payable upon completion of the scene directly to the agency, in cash, e-transfer, payoneer or credit card.

Receipts will be provided.


NOTE: If the scene lasts longer than the allotted amount of time, the producer will be charged a surplus depending on the time or requirements involved.




This agency acts for and on behalf of the models and whilst making every endeavour to provide a satisfactory and efficient service to producers, we cannot be held ultimately responsible for a model's conduct on any given assignment. Please refer to policy #11 in case of any problems regarding our models conduct during your productions. It is our recommendation that our agency terms and conditions are completely understood before making a booking. Our standard practices for booking are governed by the  booking terms mentioned above.


Unless our standard booking agreement, producer deposit or other agreed contract has been signed and/or delivered, no agreement has been concluded.

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