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 Maxxx Models is Canada’s #1 adult talent agency 


For Models



We assist models in their career development and help them search for opportunities, as well as providing personalized, individual career advice.


When you talk about  branding, you want to think about the entire customer experience. Logo,

website, social media experience. Branding is the way your customers experience YOU!


Graphic designers create visual concepts, using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate your consumers and help make your promotions stand out!


Promoting yourself is an important part of success. We help you spread the word about YOU!

We also advise you on good practices for promoting yourself!

influencers, camgirls, pornstars and models choose Maxxx Models to help them with their careers in onlyfans content creation, adult film, webcamming and erotic modelling for a number of reasons. we're a small boutique style agency and are always transparent with our clients.

we only succeed if you do.


we're a group of friends, a team, an impromptu family that help each other, to everyone's benefit. we have verifiable legitimate connections within the professional adult entertainment industry. also, people choose us because of our personalized approach towards each unique individual we work with, and back that up with our expertise.


We are dedicated to what we do, and we invest a large amount of time (and money) with each of our models (that's you) on an individual basis. No two models are the same, so each model gets a totally unique career plan and brand.


As a full service agency we provide our models with complete representation. Most successful talent/models in the adult entertainment industry hire at least four (4) separate individuals from four (4) separate companies to represent them and aid the advancement of their career in four (4) separate and distinct capacities. Those capacities are agent, manager, publicist and lawyer. nowadays maybe even five, if you include social media management.


So, what’s the difference between an agent, publicist, lawyer and a manager?


An agent’s primary job function, in legal terms, is to “procure employment” and "negotiate contracts" on your behalf. you can alternatively hire a lawyer to negotiate contracts, which is generally MUCH more expensive and the lawyer unlike an agent will not seek out new contracts on your behalf.


Managers are more directly involved in all aspects of a talent / model’s career. They help guide your career and promote your name and identity within the industry.

Publicists and PR companies, on the other hand, promote your name and identity to the general public. At Maxxx Models, we are a talent agency + management firm, but we also provide some limited PR (publicity) and social media services for our models. 


maxxx Models handles 3 out of 4 of those important roles. We act as your booking agent, your career manager and help you with your publicity (PR)... we are NOT lawyers however and you should definitely look into getting your own legal counsel, if needed.


We also realize that your career may get to a point where our services in any particular area may no longer be suitable for your needs, IE; you might need a specialized PR agency to handle your social media. In such a case, is it our obligation and our goal to help you find the right people to help propel your career to the next level. This is why we consider ourselves a 'mother agency'.

W H A T   W E   D O 

For Producers

Makeup Artists

We offer you a talented roster of Make Up Artists, Hairstylists and Wardrobe Professionals.


Whether it be a luxurious hotel room, private outdoor locations, a spacious studio or just a simple bedroom, we can assist you with your reservations.


Canada is home to many great photographers and videographers, let us help you find the right professional for your production.

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